Developmental Goals

Developmental Goal 1 : Children Maintain Good Health and Wellbeing
This is an overarching goal which includes development of competencies related to physical, socio-emotional,
and psychological health and well-being of children for life. This goal continues to provide experience for health and
wellbeing, socio emotional development, health, nutrition, hygienic practices, and safety.
Developmental Goal 2 : Children Become Effective Communicators
The goal is to enable children to communicate orally with ease and competence in the preschool or school language,
become aware of print and understand or establish meaningful connections with reading and writing in familiar contexts.
Developing an interest in books and in learning to read is essential.
Developmental Goal 3 : Children Become Involved Learners and Connect with Their Immediate Environment
This goal is to enable children to form concepts related to the world around them through direct experience and
interactions with the physical, social, and natural environment through language, mathematical thinking, and
environmental awareness.

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